About The Vile Plutocrat

America is diseased. Despite the high-minded ideals of our founding forefathers and the basic liberties they sought to protect for the common man, we are a culture built on a foundation of greed and corruption.

We pretend to be disgusted with foreign cultures employing social systems that arrange status by class, yet we are blind to the way capitalism has created the same stratifications within our own society.

As a people, we revere wealth and priviledge to the point of absurdity ... to the point of making excuses for the indiscretions and abominations of those individuals lucky enough to hit life's financial lottery. We envy wealth so enthusiastically that we delude ourselves into believing that "hard work" will make us all rich beyond our wildest dreams without taking the time to notice how our wealthy came to their lot in life. Extreme wealth is canonized and heroisized to the point that we allow entitlement to usurp common sense consensus issues like universal health care, educational opportunities, retirement, living wages, legal issues, taxes, fair treatment under the law, and the political process.

Why should any wealthy person care about their contribution to society when they can buy their way out of a lawsuit or jail? Why should they care that the third multimillion dollar home they purchased raised property values so high for their neighbors that they pushed out people who had lived in the same town for decades? Why should they give a damn about the rising cost of education when they can send their children to the best private elementary schools, high schools, and colleges? Why should they pay their fair share of taxes when they have politicians fighting for their rights to hide their wealth in off-shore accounts and foreign tax havens?

We are not out to set fire to capitalism or assert that all rich people are assholes, but the simple fact is that most are assholes. The rich do actually believe that they are entitled to get whatever they want whenever they want, damn the cost. The rich do actually believe that possessing huge amounts of money makes them better people than you or me. The rich actually believe they are above the law. The result is a society in which a few people hold the vast majority of wealth and use legal loopholes to their extreme advantage.

Reagan's theory of "trickle-down" economics was a tragically misguided attempt to show that rich people cared enough about the society and system that made them wealthy that they would reinvest in the future of their employees. His theory has proven to be the most singularly destructive economic policy ever foisted on America. Wealth does not "trickle down"; it pays for yachts, cars, extravagant birthday parties and vacations, multiple homes, lawyers, and vast political influence.  Wealth stratifies society, divides classes, corrupts business and politics, and poisons even the best of men and women. 

History has shown that the only societies that stand the test of time are those societies capable of recognizing that a strong, healthy, happy, educated, and financially secure middle-class is the only way to guarantee a stable future for all. Rome fell and so will we if we do not reign in the greed that promotes the rampant corruption afflicting every level of our government and corporate culture.

The Vile Plutocrat has a single purpose: To keep track of those individuals whose implacable greed poisons the societies that made them wealthy.

The Vile Plutocrat is the steel-toe boot in the ass of entitlement.