Tuesday, November 29, 2011
Anne Kingston, Macleans
Submitted by: Jon Gilbert

Berlusconi Is Italy’s Billionaire Buffoon

Silvio Berlusconi is the first media tycoon to get himself elected to the highest office of any country. As President of Italy, the billionaire playboy reveled in power and led one of the most corrupt democratic governments on the planet.

[Macleans] It wasn’t the notorious “Bunga, Bunga” hooker orgies that did him in. Nor was it any of the 19 criminal and civil charges over 17 years, including allegations of bribing judges, tax fraud and embezzlement. Nor was he felled from within, like Caesar, or rejected by the vox populi. It took a deus ex machina—global financial markets freaked out over the eurozone debt crisis—to unseat Italy’s scandal-saturated prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi.

Despite being unseated, at 75, he remains the most powerful political and economic force in the country. It remains to be seen whether his ego will allow him to recede quitely into retirement. 

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