Sunday, October 14, 2012
Jonathan Terbush, Raw Story
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Bill Koch Allegedly Kidnapped, Intimidated Former Employee

Bill Koch, the evil billionaire playboy brother of billionaire evil twins Charles and David Koch, has been accused of kidnapping and interrogating a former top-level executive who he believed was trying to defraud Koch Enterprises.

The executive in question was lured to a secluded Aspen ranch owned by Koch under the pretense of a standard employment review. He was placed under armed guard, interrogated by two Koch surrogates, and intimidated before he was fired. Apparently, Koch is hugely paranoid and believed this executive was attempting to defraud his company by exposing ditry business practices. 

Kidnapping is illegal. But money buys indemnity. Koch and his ilke can get away with murder because they can buy loyalty. 

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