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Original Billionaire Jerk Larry Ellison

Trees grow. Oracle CEO Larry Ellison doesn't like trees obscuring his view and he will attempt to bury you with legal fees if your tree obstructs his precious view.

Larry Ellison is a bully with the money to make your life miserable if he doesn't get what he wants.

In a trial set to begin June 6, the billionaire plans to take his downhill neighbors, the Von Bothmers, to state Superior Court in San Francisco over how trees in their yard have obstructed his floor-to-ceiling window views of San Francisco Bay. The court date follows a lawsuit Mr. Ellison filed last June alleging he will suffer "irreparable injury" from lost property value if the court doesn't make the Von Bothmers cut their trees in order to "restore Plaintiff's views and sunlight."

Irreparable injury? He's actually playing the victim card? 

Ellison has gone so far overboard with his entitled moaning that he has hired a lawyer who specializes in "tree and neighbor" law to fight his case against the Von Bothmers. 

The trees in question are three redwoods and an 80-year old acacia.

According to Mrs. Von Bothmers's deposition, she actually has photos showing workers hired by Ellison strapped in her redwoods with the intent to cut the tree tops off illegally. Of course, Mr. Ellison denies ever having hired anyone nor directed anyone to illegally enter the Von Bothmers's yard and cut anything down. There is apparently a gang of tree top vandals plaguing the wealthiest neighborhoods in San Francisco.

Ellison has made two attempts to purchase the Von Bothmers home simply to cut the trees down, offering up to $15 million (double the home's value). Both offers have been rejected. In fact, Mrs. Bothmer is so resilient that she has petitioned the city of San Francisco to protect her beautiful accacia as a "Landmark Tree".

Ellison tree diagram

Photo: 2840 Broadway (Salon Styliste)

Meanwhile, Mr. Ellison has been so deranged over his partially blocked view that he decided to purchase the home of late socialite/fashionista/philanthropist Dodie Rosekrans at 2840 Broadway in San Francisco - immediately next door to his - for $40 million.




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