Saturday, April 10, 2010
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Blankenship’s Sordid History of Ignoring Mining Safety for Profit

If you were ever looking for someone to epitomize that seemingly-overblown stereotype of the evil-doing corporate baron, you don't come much closer than Blankenship.

[excerpt] After all, there were over 3,000 violations--amounting to $2 million in fines--cited on his mine where the explosion killed 25 of his employees. And news has just been broken that the mine was warned that it had a 'potential pattern of violations' a whole two years ago, but managed to escape federal oversight. So Blankenship did nothing, because doing nothing is cheaper--he has a well documented habit of ignoring regulations and violations.

The 3000 violations represent a single mine, Upper Big Branch Mine!

Massey energy has collected a litany of safety violations at mines they own all across Appalachia.

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