Monday, August 29, 2011
Andrea V. Brambila, Inman News
Submitted by: T. Hawkins

Original Brand New Vegas Hotel To Be Demolished

The Harmon Hotel tower in Las Vegas is a flashy 49-story mixed use 400 room condo and hotel project that is part of the massive CityCenter development on the main strip. Due to a legal battle, the unfinished building may be imploded before the doors even open.

The developer MGM has cited fatal construction defects in a legal battle with the tower's general contractor, Perini Building Co. 

Perini is accusing MGM of "buyers remorse" due to the downturn in the real estate market.

It certainly isn't difficult to believe that a general contractor would cut corners in an effort to increase profits. Neither is it impossible to believe that a developer would cite construction defects in an effort to get out of paying for the costs associated with a frivolous construction project. 

There are thousands of unfinished and abandoned construction projects (housing and commerical) scattered across our country. The combined waste of money and valuable resources is staggering enough without considering the destruction of the land these empty shells occupy. 

Developers are no better than rapists. We believe they should be forced to dismantle projects they abandon, heavily fined, and even jailed.

Do you believe that developers should be forced to return land to it's "original" state if they decide to walk away from an unfinished construction project?

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