Thursday, March 07, 2013
Ben Hallman, The Huffington Post
Submitted by: Tracey Hakwins

Corporations Lobby To Pay Even Less In Taxes

Despite massive profits, many of America's biggest corporations are clamoring for additional tax relief in order to compete with global companies.

[Huffpo] On Wednesday, Politico reported that a new lobbying coalition known as LIFT America will push Congress to install a "territorial" international taxation system that would permit U.S. companies to avoid paying most or all U.S. taxes on income earned abroad.

Corporations already enjoy tax breaks and loopholes that make the US Tax code look like Swiss cheese. These crooks are now arguing that shifting to a Territorial Tax Code would allow them to reinvest more profis locally. Which is exactly the same false argument they have used to lobby for lower tax rates for decades.

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