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Original Dartz SUV 4 Ladies Hits The G-Spot

Extreme tackiness and absurdity are two words that aptly describe Latvian automaker Dartz's new armored SUV targeted at women, L4P Ladies Only.

Dartz made headlines in 2009 when they unveiled their first armored SUV, the Prombron, for a price tag starting at $1.45 million. It offered customers infuriatingly ridiculous options such as whale penis leather seat trim. 

The L4P doesn't skimp on exotic leather options either offering a number of trim materials including snake, crocodile or elephant skins. The vehicle boasts a massive 999 horsepower under the hood for the energy-conscious consumer, numerous cameras to assist ladies with parallel parking, and utilizes construction techniques perfected by the soviet military for it's armored vehicles.

Dartz will be manufacturing 10 of these stupid machines and wouldn't you know that the world's tackiest super-duper rich kid, Princess Regina Abdurazakova from Kazakhstan, has already purchased one. She is reportedly bankrolling the Dartz L4P project.

The L4P Ladies Only (also called the Prombron’ Iron.Diamond) is being offered along with a vibrator designed by famed automotive designer Viktor Poontoos and a 1kg container of RussoBaltique Caviar.

The price of the vehicle: FREE

What's the catch?

The L4P Ladies Only is the bonus gift for anyone buying the world's most expensive bottle of RussoBaltique vodka. This particular bottle of Vodka comes in a 20 pound case made of solid gold and retails for approximately 500,000 euros ($740,000).

Proving once again, that you really can not buy good taste and obscenely rich people are truly assholes.  

Photos: Dartz.EU, RussoBaltique

Dartz Prombron L4P

Dartz Prombron L4P

Dartz Victor Poontoos vibrator

Dartz RussoBaltique

Dartz RussoBaltique Case

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