Sunday, August 10, 2014
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Devastating Breach Pours 4 Billion Gallons of Mining Waste into Pristine BC Rivers and Lakes.

Just a few days ago, on Aug 4, 2014, the tailings pond (the size of a lake) of the gold and copper open-pit Polley Mine, operated by Imperial Metals Corp., breached and sent billions of gallons of metals-laden silt and water into waterways awaiting the return of the salmon.

CEO, Brian Kynoch told CBC News that the tailings pond isn’t so bad and that "he would even consider drinking it."

Pour this criminally negligent motherfucker a tall glass of sludge then force him and his family to drink, bath, and water their lawn with this water for the next twenty years. Because that's how long it will take before we see the horrific consequences of this disaster. 

According to locals, the "river" you see in the video(s) was actually a mountain stream that had been merely three feet wide

This operation should be shut down, permanently, and every single one of the executives of the Imperial Metals Corp. should be flogged then thrown into prison for the rest of their miserable lives. Sadly, no one will go to jail for this horrific destruction. No one in power will be held accountable. Not the owners and exeuctives of the company nor the politicians who accept payouts to allow the mine to continue to operate wihout proper safety measures in place. And the people who live off this land will be the ones who suffer for generations to come. 

4 billion gallons of toxic waste. Jesus. [expletive]. Christ. 


Imperial Metals could face $1M fine

Wow. A whole $1 million dollar fine. Yeah. That'll hurt. Never mind the devastastion this will cause to the local economy. Never mind how the spill affects the lives of local residents. Imperial will spend 100 times that pittance of a wrist slap defending itself in court.

Imperial earned $194,375,000 in sales over the past twelve months. It also holds $1,082,783,000 in assets. See for yourself >>

Worth noting that they MAY get fined. 

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