Friday, June 15, 2012
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Submitted by: T. Hawkins

Original Gerhard Richter Painting Sells For Over $25 Million

A 1986 polychromatic painting entitled “A.B. Courbet" by Gerhard Richter recently sold for over $25 million at Art Basel, the famed annual Swiss international art fair.

I'm a painter. I'm also no fan of polychromatic sludge applied to canvas. I also don't care how large the painting, nor who painted it. This kind of work is garbage and takes less talent to produce than the jaunty frosty swirl I leave in the toilet bowl each morning at 10am. 

There is no perspective, no color theory, no depth, no tonal placement in this work. It's expensive crap deemed "stellar" by a sychopantic art critic.

$25 million. Plutocrats aren't feeling any of the effects of the global recession. 

Photo here >>

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