Tuesday, April 09, 2013
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Google Pays Executive $100 Million To Stay At Google

When Google learned that Twitter was wooing their star executive in charge of their $5 billion display ad wing, they preempted the potential loss by countering with a $100 million bonus to retain Neal Mohan.

Neal Mohan is now the second highest paid executive at Google, behind billionaire CEO Eric Schmidt.

[MailOnline] The company reportedly offered him that astounding sum just so we wouldn't take a job at Silicon Valley rival Twitter. The deal, reportedly paid in stock options that would fully vest in three years, made the Google vice president higher paid than most American sports star. It's also a figure that exceeds the compensation of most tech CEOs and founders. It shows that Google is willing to go the distance when it comes to retaining top talent - even mid-level executives, Business Insider has revealed.

No one is worth that kind of money.

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