Monday, November 08, 2010
Catherine Mulbrandon and Timothy Noah, Slate
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Income Inequality in Graphs

The Great Divergence in Pictures: A visual guide to income inequality in "the land of opportunity".

During the 20th century, the United States experienced two major trends in income distribution. The first, termed the "Great Compression" by economists Claudia Goldin of Harvard and Robert Margo of Boston University, was egalitarian.* From 1940 to 1973, incomes became more equal. The share taken by the very richest Americans (i.e., the top 1 percent and the top 0.1 percent) shrank. The second trend, termed the "Great Divergence" by economist Paul Krugman of Princeton (and the New York Times op-ed page), was inegalitarian. From 1979 to the present, incomes have become less equal. The share taken by the very richest Americans increased.

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