Monday, August 22, 2011

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Original Irene Sets Nero Ablaze

Hurricane Irene is not impressed with Richard Branson's private paradise on Necker Island and summarily burns it to the ground.

Branson has vowed to rebuild his retreat on Necker Island and why wouldn't he? He has more money than god. He also has an endless list of useless celebrities to wine and dine. 

Don't think he hasn't forgotten about the wayward masses. If you can scrounge up a mere $50,000, you too can stay on Necker Island for one night. 

There is no question that Branson is a modern day Nero. He flaunts his wealth like few other billionaires.

No single human being should possess this kind of money ... But, how on earth did he manage to forget to install a grounded lightning rod anywhere on his private island? 

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Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson is a British industrialist and entrepreneur best known as the Chairman of the Virgin brand. 

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