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Original Mariah Carey and a Diamond Encrusted Ring Pop Re-Weds Nick Cannon

On Aril 30, 2010, Mariah Cariah and Nick Cannon were remarried for the third time. The Diva and her boy-toy like to brag that they get married every year ... because "that's our thing!"

What is a sense of humor without a ludicrously expensive piece of jeweled kitsch? The 29 year old kept boy presented his sugar momma with a huge, diamond and sapphire encrusted bauble designed to look like a classy version of the classic plastic and sugar children's "ring pop" candy.

"This is what we do for toys. At some point you've gotta have a sense of humor about all of this. A sense of humor with diamonds," snarked Cannon.

Wow. That's some deep philosophical [expletive]. Who would have thought that spending enormous amounts of money on ugly, wasteful decorations for an aging pop star to wear on her wrinkling finger could be "romantic comedy"? The only thing comedic about it is the fact that Mr. Canon doesn't realize that his yearly efforts to keep his wife interested in him by re-staging their wedding and buying her ridiculously expensive gifts are evidence of his own insecurities. At some level, he knows he's just Mariah's current flavor-of-the-moment.

Mariah Carey's third wedding ring popWe get it. [Rich] people can spend their money any way they choose, and who are we to judge their spending habits? Not so fast ... We have every right to judge when they allow (desire) crap like this to be publicized. 

How much money do the Carey's waste to renew their vows every year? Seriously.  What's the point?  Two "island" weddings, new designer dresses and tuxedos, and super-expensive "gag" gifts ... This unnecessary extravagance represents the pinnacle of the unreality of life these uber-wealthy entertainers enjoy. "But they work hard for their money." Um, no, they don't. Teachers, nurses, firefighters and fisherman work hard for their money. Teachers actually make a difference in a young people's lives, an admirable gift far more valuable than the superficiality of money and bling. Pop stars selling sex and fantastic luxury don't exactly set the best standards as role models for our youth or add to our culture in any significant manner ... But that is another discussion topic.

Two of our greatest musical epicenters are under seige - New Orleans is facing down a second man-made ecological disaster, and Nashville is drowning under ten feet of water. Millions of people are out of work. More people are falling into poverty every day ... and these two clowns go out and spend tens, perhaps hundreds, of thousands of dollars for stupid, wasteful gag gifts to renew their wedding vows, then have the lack of class to publish their exploits in the paper.

How many tents or food packets or immunizations could the money Mr. Canon spent for the ring have purchased for the Haitian Relief effort? How many oil-soaked animals could have been saved? How many books could be donated to dirt-poor Appalachian families? 

Why couldn't Mr. Canon have simply purchased an actual candy ring pop for his betrothed and laughed about the gag?

Simple, because we made these superficial "super stars" wealthy by buying their music and by watching their movies. We allow them to live luxurious lives because we have placed their talents on untouchable pedestals of envy; we have made them more "important" than our teachers, nurses, firefighters and fisherman ... It's unlikely that we will be able to change the spending habits or awareness of the likes of Nick Canon or Mariah Carey, but we can change our own.

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