Tuesday, March 12, 2013
Alex Dobuzinskis, Yahoo! News
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Max Factor Heir’s Prison Sentence Rescinded

A decade after Max Factor heir, Andrew Luster, was sent to prison for 124 years after he videotaped himself forcibly raping three women, a California judge has suddenly set him free. Proving, yet again, that the rich don't live by the same rules the rest of us are subject to.

[Reuters] But the judge declined to give 49-year-old Andrew Luster a new trial. Luster was convicted in 2003 in absentia of 86 counts including rape of an intoxicated person, rape of an unconscious person and sexual battery. He fled to Mexico during the trial.

The curious rationale Ventura County Superior Court Judge Kathryne Stoltz judge proffered for throwing out the original ruling is that she decided that the first judge wasn't specific enough in his explanation of the sentencing. Absolute, utter [expletive]. The California District Attorney should be looking into Judge Stoltz's off-shore finances immediately. 

It's worth noting that Luster videotaped himself raping and sexually molesting three women - two of which were either intoxicated or unconscious. 

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