Sunday, November 21, 2010
Glenn Thrush, Politico
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Original Newly Elected Republican asks: Hey, Where’s My Health Care?

Maryland physician Andy Harris (R) steamrolled Frank Kratovil, his democratic opponent, by railing against "Obamacare" and vowing to fight to repeal Health Care Reform. But, his first question in his orientation for incoming members of Congress was: Where's my government health care?

Republican Andy Harris, a very wealthy anesthesiologist, has argued vehemently for years that "common-sense" market based solutions that ensure decisions are made by patients and their doctors are the only way to control runaway health care costs. Not to mention, protect the fat paychecks he receives from Medicare.

The median annual income for Anesthesiologists is approximately $300,000, with experienced doctors earning upwards of $450,000 - not including bonuses and premiums for specialty niches like cardiology and pediatrics.

Glenn Thrush of Politico reported:

“He [Harris] stood up and asked the two ladies who were answering questions why it had to take so long, what he would do without 28 days of health care,” said a congressional staffer who saw the exchange.

“Harris then asked if he could purchase insurance from the government to cover the gap,” added the aide, who was struck by the similarity to Harris’s request and the public option he denounced as a gateway to socialized medicine.

Anna Nix, Harris's spokeswoman, explained,

Harris, who is the father of five, wasn’t being hypocritical – he was just pointing out the inefficiency of government-run health care.

Actually Mrs. Nix, your employer is, in fact, being astonishingly hypocritical. 

In a statement from Oct. 30, Harris blustered

"In Washington, I will never vote to raise taxes, I will fight to repeal health-care reform, and I will work to balance the budget."

... While happily suckling on the gubment teat.

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