Tuesday, August 30, 2011
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Original Petra Ecclestone: I’m Not Spoiled. I’m Privileged.

It's hard to imagine a more vulgar display of unimaginable wealth than the $8 million wedding super socialite Petra Ecclestone threw for herself.

The wealthiest heiress in the world next to her sister Tamara and daughter of Formula 1 racing kingpin Bernie Ecclestone, 22 year-old Petra redefines useless as the most outrageously spoiled and out-of-touch golden spoon plutocrat to grace the planet in nearly a millenia. Her wanton obliviousness puts Paris Hilton to shame (and we have no doubt that Paris was taking notes at the wedding). 

80 year-old Bernie's massive hangover included:

  • £1.5 million - Black eyed Peas
  • £600,000 - Alicia Keys
  • £500,000 David Guetta, DJ
  • £310,000 Odescalchi Castle
  • £250,000 Gifts for wedding party
  • £150,000 Andrea Bocelli
  • £140,000 Alain Ducasse
  • £250,000 Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
  • £150,000 Food
  • £140,000 Hiring all 122 rooms for guests at Rome's Hotel De Russe
  • £800,000 Vintage Wines
  • £80,000 Vera Wang wedding dress
  • £100,000 Bridesmaids gowns
  • £100,000 Fireworks
  • £400,000 Security and wedding planner

The festivities included $6,500 bottles of Chateau Petrus, vintage Louis Roederer Cristal champagne, acrobats suspended from hot air balloons, Eric Clapton, and a finale of fireworks. The parallels between the lavish extravagances of the Roman Empire and this stratispheric display of tackiness and obscene wealth cannot be mistaken. 

We have reentered Rome. If I recall correctly, it fell once. 

Check out pictures here and here

We'd like to know, how would you define a "socialite"? 

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