Wednesday, September 07, 2016
Brie Shea, Rewire
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Prager “University” is another conservative scam

Hard right-wing conservative mouthpiece and all-around piece-of-shit Dennis Prager seeks to indoctrinate our youth with five minute videos through his online "university".

[Rewire] More recently, Prager has developed an ingenious method of getting his conservative opinions to a new kind of audience, one harder to reach via traditional media channels.

Starting in 2011, Prager founded Prager University, an online resource that produces short videos on Prager’s favorite extremist tropes. While the program claims it is directed toward all students, including those at college, many of the videos are clearly aimed at middle school and high school children, including those attending public schools. The website is not accredited as an academic institution, nor does it offer certifications or diplomas. Instead, courses are offered for free in the form of five-minute animated video lectures. PragerU was started with the intent to promote Prager’s version of Judeo-Christian values and combat the “liberal bias” conservatives believe is so prevalent in America’s education system.

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