Friday, August 17, 2012
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Submitted by: Tracey Hawkins

Original Rich Kids of Instagram

They have more money than you and this is what they do.

Beyond the obviously repulsive nature of Rich Kids on Instagram, this overt display of excess is a truly disturbing development. As though there's not rampant corruption enough already (see the rest of the Vile Plutocrat site for examples too numerous to count), these "entitled" kids, because they will have gained entrance to our "elite" schools - by virtue of family money and name only, not by virtue of merit, will be running our multi-national corporations, banks, hospitals, pharmaceutical industry, courts, investment firms, etc.

They will become our policy and law makers, our senators and judges. It is clear from their behavior (behavior their parents are not merely permitting but obviously funding) that they are not gaining any knowledge of morality, financial responsibility, empathy, hard work, ethics, charity; rather, they are selfish, indulgent, arrogant, obnoxious, superficial and insensitive fools.


We are staring down the double-barrel of a future far-far-far worse and more rife with corruption than the mess we currently have.


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"America does not have an aristocracy or a plutocracy."
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