Thursday, June 06, 2013
Elise SolĂ©, Yahoo! Shine
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Sean Parker’s $9 Million Wedding

Former Facebook president, Sean Parker, was wed this past weekend to Alexandra Parker in an over-the-top lavish "Game of Thrones" inspired wedding for 300 guests.

[Yahoo] The lavish “Game of Thrones”-inspired wedding is rumored to be one of Silicon Valley's most expensive, at a reported cost of $9 million, according to a story published Sunday in People magazine. In addition to the cost of the nuptials, according to a story on Tuesday in the Silicon Valley Business Journal, Parker forked over an additional 2.5 million dollars to cover the environmental damages he inflicted on the property, which included building fake ruins, waterfalls, manmade ponds, bridges, a gated cottage and two terraces. 

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