Saturday, July 30, 2011
Billy Johnson, Jr., Yahoo! Music
Submitted by: T. Hawkins

Original Soulja Boy’s $55 Million Gift To Himself

Atlanta rapper Soulja Boy purchased a $55 Million G5 Jet for his 21st Birthday.

First question ... Who the hell is Soulja Boy?

A rep from his management team reportedly told TMZ, Soulja Boy will be spending $35 million dollars on a private jet with an additional $20 million in "Pretty Boy Swag" upgrades.

In addition to the jet purchase, the well-healed, young musical "genius" - who apparently made his fortune from a single song entitled "Crank That" - will also be throwing himself a $300,000 21-st birthday bash.

Money well spent if you ask us. There are few things more satisfying than seeing an egocentric, one-hit wonder wind up in bankruptcy court after his (21-year old) star fades.

How in the world does a kid with questionable talent and a complete lack of social grace earn untold millions from a single - and completely illiterate/asinine - song? This phenomena says more about how far our culture has declined than anything else. 

As our country is very literally going bankrupt, WE give this "fine young man" millions of dollars to waste on his ego. Before any of you clowns defend him by stating something idiotic like "he earned it, he can spend his money any way he likes", allow me to say this, "He didn't earn shit."

In Soulja Boy's own eloquent words, "I ignore dis foo like 5x before this. fuck that. If you send some niggaz to spray me @myfabolouslife at least I die I real [expletive] fuck you boy." 

Now, that's a role model. And, MTV "be doing his birthday party."\

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