Thursday, May 03, 2012
Emily Friedman, ABC News
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Original Tale of Ann Romney’s $1K Blouse

Ann Romney is back in the news over her designer wardrobe and, as usual, people have the issue wrong.

Earlier this week, ABCNews hosted the Romney's on their morning television program and the good stepford wife was sporting a new Reed Krakoff blouse that retails for $1000. Without fail, conservative trolls reflexively apologized for wealth they will never have by informing liberals that "rich people wear expensive things" and liberals pointlessly tried to explain to non-freethinking people that Ann Romney's designer blouse proves "they are not 'one of us'".

It doesn't matter that Ann Romney spends more on a single blouse than most people take home in their paycheck per week. It doesn't matter that Mitt's suit or Barack's suit probably cost more than three times that amount. Rich people will always spend their money on things that make them look rich. And I don't give two shits about Michelle's shoes. 

I don't care that Michelle Obama buys an expensive gown now and again. Barbara Bush spent money on expensive gowns when she was first lady and you can rest assured that Ann Romney would spend a small fortune to look good for visiting dignitaries as well. I also don't care that Michelle Obama spends lots of money at JCrew. To the best of my knowledge, JCrew doesn't have a single item that costs $1000. 

What makes this galling are the lies and obfuscation surrounding why Ann Romney spends so much money on expensive designer clothing. Instead of just saying, "I can afford to buy expensive things", Mrs. Romney deflects attention from her obscene wealth by telling people that "I just bought it off the rack". As if the words, "I just bought it off the rack" instantly lowers the perceived "cost" of the item to an intellectually manageable sales price for an easily confused voting public. Because everyone knows that the "rack" in a clothing store isn't partial to the wealth of the buyer ... Never mind that the "rack" at Bergdorf's doesn't cater to your kind. 

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