Friday, October 07, 2016
PAUL WALDMAN, The Prospect
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Trump Loves Stiffing His Country

Trump proves that "patriotism" has nothing to do with giving back to the country that provided his wealth.

The New York Times reported Saturday night that Donald Trump declared a $916 million loss on his newly uncovered 1995 tax returns — a loss that would allow him to avoid paying federal income tax for up to 18 years.

Queue the spin machine ...

Early Sunday morning, he tweeted, "I know our complex tax laws better than anyone who has ever run for president and am the only one who can fix them." If this argument sounds familiar, it's because he has said the same thing many times about legal forms of influence-buying and political corruption: as someone deeply engaged in that sordid activity, "I alone can fix it," in the words he used in his convention speech.

Mr. Waldman demolishes Trump's tax plan. 

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