Saturday, May 14, 2011
Paul Bond, The Hollywood Reporter
Submitted by: Kevin J. Ziruolo

Original WTF American Idol Pays Ryan Seacrest $45 Million

Ryan Seacrest's salary to host "American Idol" tripled in 2009. Catapulting from a mere $5 million per year to $15 million per year for a three-year deal worth $45 million.

What exactly does he do that is worth $45 million? He reads from a teleprompter. He directs traffic. He smiles.

Seacrest doesn't sing, act, or even have the comedic talent to interject with intelligent, witty retorts. Yet, he's paid more than teachers, nurses, doctors, lawyers, and nearly every other professional toiling to make ends meet in every other profession with the exception of crooked CEO's.

[excerpt] In addition to his $45 million, three-year deal to emcee the singing competition, which ends in 2012, Seacrest hosts his KIIS-FM radio show, produces the Kardashian reality show franchise for E! (where he is also the managing editor and lead anchor for E! news) and "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution" (which won an Emmy last year). Altogether he earns an astounding $55 million a year.

Apparently, his whopping salary is causing operating costs for Idol to soar, but don't be too concerned. 

American Idol is the most profitable show on television. It earns $7.11 million every half-hour for News Corp., according to Forbes.

Leave it to America. The only country on the planet that awards mediocrity with unimaginable riches.

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