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"Inside Job" tells the unvarnished infuriating story behind the greatest systemic heist in the history of the world by our elected leaders, CEO's, bankers, and academic economists.

"But the whole dark genius of corporations is that they allow for individual reward without individual obligation. The workers' obligations are to the executives, and the executives' obligations are to the CEO, and the CEO's obligation is to the Board of Directors, and the Board's obligation is to the stockholders, who are also the same customers the corporation will screw over at the very earliest opportunity in the name of profit, which profits are distributed as dividends to the very stockholders-slash-cusomters they've been [expletive] over in their own name. It's like a fugue of evaded responsibility." 

David Foster Wallace, The Pale King

Every person who calls himself and "American" needs to watch this movie.

Change will only be affected if we vote to stop this insanity. Change will only happen if we stop electing millionaires with corporate sponsors to office. 

Not one conviction for fraud, corruption, or theft has resulted from the collapse of the world economy. Every politician, CEO, banker, and academic economist who aided and abetted this unabashed larceny has been allowed to keep the money they stole from the middle class. YOUR MONEY: savings, health care, education, services, military, cost-of-living, etc. all rests in the bank accounts of a very few crooked plutocrats.

Dante himself couldn't devise a hell suitably horrible enough to incarcerate these men and women. 

Inside Job on Netflix

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"America does not have an aristocracy or a plutocracy."
Art Pope