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43 year old hedge fund manger and foul-mouthed crook, Danielle Chiesi, was charged on October 16, 2009 with securities fraud for her role in the biggest insider trading ring in decades.
Danielle Chiesi
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She is accused of sharing insider tips with billionaire hedge fund guru Raj Rajaratnam, the alleged mastermind of the $20 million scheme. Chiesi, who worked for the one-time equity hedge fund group of Bear Stearns Asset Management.

For decades, Chiesi, a portfolio manager at New Castle Funds LLC, used her looks to gain access to insider information.

"I'm dead if this leaks," Chiesi was caught saying, according to court documents.

FBI wiretaps reveal Chiesi enjoyed comparing herself to Martha Stewart. It seems she has even more in common with the domestic diva than insider trading charges, she also shares Stewart's taste in handbags. Shortly after her arrest, she was caught on video walking into her upper East Side home toting a Hermes Birkin, the same type of bag Stewart carried to court in 2004. Stewart's luxurious accessory retailed for $12,000.

"I'll be like Martha f------ Stewart."

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I seriously doubt that if Michaele was indeed a socialite she’d be employed as a
receptionist, department store clerk or makeup artist… Paris Hilton she is not….
These two are posers who don’t pay their bills and are taking this reality/celebrity train
for all its worth…They are both idiots.