Danny Pang

Danny Pang
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Founder, Private Equite Management Group Inc.

Mr. Pang's résumé depicts a glittering success story: a Taiwanese immigrant who earned an M.B.A., worked on Wall Street and now heads a $4 billion investment fund. He also became a partner in another fund firm with business luminaries such as Frank Carlucci, the former defense secretary and ex-Carlyle Group chairman, and former Lockheed Martin Chief Executive Norman Augustine.

But both Mr. Pang's past and his business may not be quite as they appear. The university from which he says he has an M.B.A. and another degree says it has no record of either. Morgan Stanley, where Mr. Pang's bio says he was a senior vice president and senior high-tech merger adviser, says it can find no record it ever employed him.

Mr. Danny Pang heads the executive committee. Mr. Pang is an accomplished venture fund manager and merchant banker. With over 20 years of experience in the financial industry and over $1 billion in debt and equity structured and invested under his leadership, Mr. Pang's extensive knowledge benefits both private and public companies alike. Prior to forming PEMGROUPSM in 2002, Mr. Pang served as Vice President at Kidder Peabody and his previous tenure at Morgan Stanley includes serving as Senior Vice and Senior High-Tech M&A Advisor. Mr. Pang also organized Sky Capital Partners, a venture capital firm based in San Francisco, California. Mr. Pang is an active board member of Equity Resource Management Ltd. and an advisor to Genesis Voyager Equity Corporation, an international fixed income portfolio based in the British Virgin Islands. Mr. Pang earned B.S. degrees in Biology and Physics and holds an M.B.A. in Finance from the University of California, Irvine.

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