Edward P. May Off With Edward P. May's Head

Edward P. May, age 73, charged with a $200 million Ponzi scheme will face up to 20 years imprisonment for each of the 59 counts for which he is charged.
Edward P. May
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On Oct. 2, 2009, May was charged in federal court with 59 felony counts of mail fraud in connection with a decade long Ponzi scheme affecting hundreds of metro-Detroit area individuals as well as individuals across the country.

In 1997, Edward P. May formed E-M Management Co. LLC, which was located in rented office space in Lake Orion, Mich. After forming E-M Management, May then formed over 150 LLCs and told hundreds of individuals in the Detroit metropolitan area and elsewhere across the country that the LLCs acquired telecommunications equipment and then provided telecommunications services to various hotels in Nevada, New York, New Jersey, California, elsewhere in the United States, and in foreign countries. May induced numerous persons to invest large amounts of money in the LLCs, purportedly for investment in "contracts" or "agreements" providing telecommunications equipment and services to various hotels which contracts and agreements in fact did not exist.

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