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Mrs Ann Eldridge
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Ms. Ann Eldridge, Atlanta construction supply baroness, made our list last year with an ignominious court battle. She was able to shut down an in-city horse farm by using her vast fortune and political clout to lean on Atlanta city council members. Ms. Eldridge is widower whose husband started a local wood supply business, which happened to burn to the ground twice. Both fires remain unexplained to this day. She has contributed tens of thousands of dollars to Republican political candidates and national Christian organizations. She's a real peach.

Last year, she won a lawsuit that forced the Buckhead Barn to close it's doors forever. Why? Because she didn't like the "smell". Never mind that Mrs. Eldridge purchased her home with the full knowledge that there was a horse farm across the street. Never mind that she pulled political strings to force the city to cite the farm. Never mind that the aesthetic issues she has with the farm could have been addressed if not for the fact that her lawsuit swallowed up the funds the farm could have used to improve the property. Never mind that she and her cohorts completely refused to negotiate an amicable solution with the barn.

The Buckhead Barn was an asset to the community and provided a warm and welcoming environment for special needs children, children, and adults of all ages to learn to ride horses, experience the outdoors, and appreciate the grandeur of a beautiful and intelligent creature. Involvement with horses has proven time and time again to help kids learn to respect others, appreciate animals, and build character.

Mrs. Eldridge knows this, why else would she own a horse?


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