Mukesh Ambani

The fifth richest man in the world owes his fortune to inheritance.
Mukesh Ambani
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Mukesh Ambani a Businessman (born on April 19, 1957 in Aden, Yemen) is an Indian businessman. He is the chairman, managing director and the largest shareholder of Reliance Industries, India's largest private sector enterprise and a Fortune 500 company. His personal stake in Reliance Industries is 48%. His wealth is valued at Rs. 196000 crores(INR) (according to Forbes), making him the richest Indian in the world, the richest man in Asia as well as world's 5th richest person.

Mukesh and younger brother Anil are sons of the late founder of Reliance Industries, Dhirubhai Ambani. Mukesh also owns the Indian Premier League team Mumbai Indians.

Whatever accolades can be attributed to Mr. Ambani, the simple fact that he has built a two billion dollar, 27 story skyscraper for his family's (of 5) home in Mumbai is enough to grant him a place on our list of greediest people. Sorry, but a man who claims to be fighting to abolish poverty in one of the poorest countries on the planet may do well to consider his upbringing as a member of the merchant caste known as the modh banias

He is supposedly motivated by “the ability to change the face of the country”, he could start by changing the face of "greed". Now, that would be truly revolutionary.

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