Rajat Gupta Rajat Gupta is a Greedy Bastard Off With Rajat Gupta's Head

The 62-year-old Gupta is one of the highest-ranking corporate executives implicated in the government's wide-ranging probe of the biggest insider trading case in U.S. history.
Rajat Gupta
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Gupta, 62, of Westport, Conn., remains a board member of AMR Corp., parent company of American Airlines. He's also chairman of Genpact Ltd., a Bermuda-based outsourcing contractor that trades on the NYSE. And he's on the board of Harman International Industries Inc., a consumer electronics company based in Stamford, Conn.

Gupta is one of India's most high-profile immigrants, When India's prime minister visited the White House for a state dinner in 2009, Gupta received a coveted invitation and attended.

He entered the Harvard Business School in 1971 and joined the blue-chip consulting firm McKinsey after graduation. Gupta became McKinsey's first non-Western head when he became worldwide managing director of the firm from 1994 to 2003.

Gupta sat on Goldman's board from November 2006 until last May and served on its corporate governance committee.

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