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Michaele Salahi and Tareq Salahi are the pathetic, social-climbing, attention-seeking douchebags who crashed the White House State Dinner on November 24, 2009.
The Salahis
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Michaele Salahi
Michaele Salahi, 44, is Tareq's wife. Her biography is uninspiring. Michaele Ann Holt is an American socialite and self-proclaimed model. She is rumored to be one of the featured housewives on Bravo's upcoming The Real Housewives of DC. Michaele Salahi has claimed to be a Washington Redskins cheerleader (Washington Redskins have publicly stated that she has never worked for them); she has also claimed to have been featured in numerous television spots.

Michaele Holt was a front-desk employee at contemporary hits radio station WKRZ in Wilkes-Barre/Scranton in 1989. She then moved to the Washington, D.C., area, where she worked in the cosmetics department at Nordstroms at the Tysons Corner Mall in McLean, Virginia during the 1990s. In 2001 she was a make-up artist on the set of the "Lady Bird" episode of the PBS documentary series American Experience.

In June 2005, she attended the Rock the Vote party at the National Building Museum and was photographed with Barack Obama (then a United States Senator from Illinois), alongside American Idol judge Randy Jackson and the hip hop musical group Black Eyed Peas

She married Tareq Salahi in 2003 in Washington D.C.

Tareq Salahi
Tareq Salahi, 41, is the sleezy, polo-playing scion of the Israeli-born Dirgham Salahi and his wife, Corinne, who co-founded Virginia's famous Oasis Winery back in 1977. He has served on the boards of directors for the American Task Force on Palestine, a pro-Palestinian lobbying organization, and for the Virginia Tourism Corporation. He became CEO of Oasis Winery after a highly publicized bitter family feud that nearly bankrupted the business.

CNN.com reported, for example, that the Salahis' names appeared on "at least" 16 civil suits. They battled for control of Oasis Winery in 2007, winning it after a nasty legal battle between Tareq Salahi and his mother. But according to CNN, the winery "has run into debt" and "filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy" last February. CNN also cited some evidence that Oasis Winery declared Chapter 11 backruptcy in December 2008, "with Salahi's mother ... listing herself as president."

In November 2008, the Washington Post called the Oasis Winery lawsuit a "saga." Indeed, the parents of Tareq Salahi also sued their son, charging that Tareq "interfered with the winery's sale and falsely advertised on the Internet that Oasis was closed." Shaquille O'Neal was trying to buy it at the time.

Tareq's brother, Ismail, has stated that Tareq no longer owns the winery. On November 29, 2009, Diane Weiss, an employee of the vineyard, told the Warren County Report,

"Tareq and Michaele have no affiliation with Oasis anymore...In Feb. 2008 the courts removed them from any affiliation with Oasis Winery...I just don’t want some crackpot coming up here thinking Tareq and Michaele are part of Oasis Winery anymore. They don’t live here or work here or have anything to do with us."

According to the Warren County Report Oasis Winery is now controlled by Corinne Salahi. Michaele Salahi seemingly confirmed that she and Tareq were no longer affiliated with the winery in a 2008 interview with the Loudoun Times-Mirror, saying, "...what is going on is that Tareq is pulling the permits and walking away from the property."

The Salahis say they plan to reopen Oasis to the public in 2010, but ownership apparently remains in dispute.

Crashing the State Dinner
Tareq and Michaele Salahi allegedly entered the state dinner in honor of India's Prime Minister Manmohan Singh despite lacking an invitation. It is rumored that the cameramen for The Real Housewives of Washington, D.C. filmed their preparations for the dinner and followed the couple to the White House. The Salahis were under strong consideration to be cast members for Bravo's upcoming reality show, 'The Real Housewives of D.C.'Their eligibility for the show remains an open question.

If law enforcement finds the Salahis lied to gain access to the White House, that is a federal crime, punishable by imprisonment. Which oddly, may guarantee their acceptance on the show.

Journey for the Cure Foundation
Tareq is listed as the director of the "Journey for the Cure Foundation." The Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services’ Office of Consumer Affairs has issued a press release that cautions consumers that "Journey for the Cure Foundation, 14141 Hume Road, Hume, Virginia, has solicited contributions from Virginia citizens for allegedly charitable purposes. However, as of May 13, 2009, this organization has not registered with or been granted the appropriate exempt status by the Commissioner as required by law".

The Journey for the Cure Foundation reported taking in $19,098.91 in donations in 2008, but disbursing just $690 to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and $20 to the U.S. Navy Memorial Fund. According to records filed with the Commonwealth of Virginia, the foundation spent $7,200 for professional fees, $5,300 for travel, $819 on office supplies, $1,200 on bank fees, and $5,823 on fundraising and meals. Tareq Salahi told the Washington Post in 2008 that he had raised $250,000 for his charity, Journey for the Cure.

Other Allegations

  • The Salahis allegedly crashed the September 26, 2009, dinner for the Congressional Black Caucus
  • Tareq was charged with petty larceny by Warren County in the wake of an incident involving the attempted repossession of his Audi A8 automobile in 2008 for non-payment
  • On December 4, 2009, Warren County Judge W. Dale Houff ordered Tareq Salahi to surrender the Patek Philippe Geneve watch he was wearing to the owner of A1A Home Improvement and Lawn Care Service, to whom he owed about $2,000, with the wristwatch to be held or sold to cover the debt. The watch was allegedly worth $325,000. Unfortunately for A1A the watch did not work, in addition to which Ray Cosey, owner of R E Jewelers Watch & Clock in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, and Jean Plauger, owner of Jean’s Jewelers in Front Royal, Virginia, declared the watch a fake worth no more than $100
  • Unpaid salon bills from the Salahis' wedding in 2003
  • Michaele was sued in 2007 by a different hairstylist for the $4,000 fee "to update her long blond hair extensions" in a single "urgent" five-hour appointment
  • Reports surfaced that the Salahis were soliciting monetary bids in the hundreds of thousands of dollars for interview rights for their gate-crashing incident

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I seriously doubt that if Michaele was indeed a socialite she’d be employed as a
receptionist, department store clerk or makeup artist… Paris Hilton she is not….
These two are posers who don’t pay their bills and are taking this reality/celebrity train
for all its worth…They are both idiots.