Anthony Marshall Anthony Marshall is a Greedy Bastard Off With Anthony Marshall's Head

Anthony Marshall, 84, is the dreadful son of beloved NYC socialite and philanthropist, Brooke Astor.
Anthony Marshall
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In 2006, Marshall was indictment on charges of looting Astor's $185 million fortune as senility began to creep into her mind. 


Prosecutors allege that between December 2003 and March 2004, Anthony Marshall and his coterie of crooked lawyers coerced his Alzheimer's-addled filthy-rich mother, philanthropist Brooke Astor, into signing three will amendments.

Each amendment enriched Marshall and his 20-years-younger wife, Charlene, by ever-increasing millions. The last such amendment was signed Jan. 12, 2004 and gave Marshall most of her estate. [Daily News]

To buttress their claim that Marshall took advantage of his mother's senility, prosecutors introduced several documents that showed how Astor's signature deteriorated as her Alzheimer's progressed.

Prosecutors say Brooke Astors's long-time lawyer balked at making more changes that Marshall demanded, including a January 2004 update that gave Astor's son $60 million outright - money that had been earmarked for charity. The lawyer, Henry Christensen, was subsequently fired by Marshall.

Marshall's trial is currently being heard in Manhattan's state Supreme Court. 

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