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The "other" Koch brother, William "Bill" Koch sold his stake in Koch Industries to his brothers David and Charles after a bitter legal battle in the 1980's. He is now CEO of Oxbow Carbon, a global dealer in petroleum coke, a cement-manufacturing fuel that's high in climate-warming carbon dioxide.
William Koch
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William Ingraham "Bill" Koch, 72, is an American businessman, sailor, and collector. Forbes estimated William Koch's net worth was $4.0 billion in March 2012 from oil and other investments.

An engineer by training, Koch graduated with a bachelors of science, master’s, and doctoral degree in chemical engineering all from MIT. After leaving Koch Industries, he became the founder and president of the Oxbow Group, an energy development holding company based in West Palm Beach, Florida.

He is best known for winning the America's Cup in 1992 with his boat America.

Political Donations 

  • Koch and his wife gave $70,000 to House Speaker John Boehner. Boehner "looks out for business interests," a Koch deputy explained.
  • Gave $2 million to Romney's Super PAC, Restore Our Future, Inc.

The Ironic Small Government Businessman
[WAPO] A sister company of Oxbow operates a Colorado mine that sells coal to the federal government – meaning that its campaign contribution is subsidized, in part, by taxpayers.

[WAPO] Koch's massive fortune is intrinsically linked to some of the nation's dirtiest industries. He continually criticizes the EPA, which has been trying to crack down on carbon pollution, as "hyper­aggressive." Bill Koch wants to be able to pollute for free and free of regulation. 

The Billionaire

  • His wine collection of 40,000 bottles is estimated to be worth $12 million
  • Owns a mansion in Palm Beach
  • A vacation villa in Cape Cod
  • Four properties in the Roaring Fork Valley near Aspen, Colorado worth $47.5 million
  • A Cattle ranch in Colorado decorated with an Old West ghost town that he bought for $3 million and transported to his land
  • Purchased the only known photograph of Billy the Kid

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