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Charles Ponzi

Bernie Madoff’s $50 Billion Ponzi Scheme

How the SEC Got in Bed with the Madoffs. Literally.

What Madoff could learn from Ponzi

Madoff’s Victims

With Bernie Madoff behind bars, feds plan to seize assets and push probe of wife Ruth

Bernie Madoff is destroyed and disgraced, yet his smirk endures

Ruth Madoff’s Dwindling Fortune

If government gets way, Ruth Madoff gets nothing

Madoff’s World

Happy Birthday Bernie!

How Bernie did it

Madoff’s Secretary Squeals

The mystery of Ruth Madoff’s money

Ruth Madoff, The Loneliest Woman in New York

Judge orders Madoffs to forfeit $170B

Bye, Bye Bernie: Ponzi king Madoff sentenced to 150 years

An inside look at the luxury apartment Bernie & Ruth Madoff will never see again

‘Evil’ Madoff Gets 150 Years in Epic Fraud

10 others to be charged in Madoff case

Bernie Madoff victims declare outcome a bittersweet victory

Feds seize Madoff penthouse, wife leaves

Full statement: Bernie Madoff’s wife Ruth breaks silence

Madoff’s prison life begins in North Carolina

SEC Upsets Some as It Tries to Sharpen Teeth

HSBC, Herald Sued Over $578 Million ‘Fake’ Profit From Madoff

SEC charges Bernard L. Madoff’s chief financial officer, Frank DiPascali, with securities fraud

Madoff’s CFO, Frank DiPascali Jr. pleads guilty to fraud

Frank DiPascali: from college drop-out to Madoff’s right hand man

Investor alleges she was Madoff’s 20-year mistress

Judge Surprises Madoff Deputy by Denying Bail

Madoff’s Long Island beach getaway put up for sale

Jeffry Picower, friend of Madoff, found at the bottom of his pool

Bernie Madoff’s Ponzi Spoils On The Auction Block

Bernie Madoff’s eldest son commits suicide

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