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Bernard John “Bernie” Ebbers

Sandy Weill

Dick Grasso And The Company He Keeps

Sam Waksal

Richard “Dick” Grasso

NYSE Ousts Grasso as Chairman

See Dick [Grasso] Squirm

Sandy Weill

Kenneth Lay

Jeffrey Keith Skilling

SEC Charges Jeffrey K. Skilling Chief Executive Officer With Fraud

Dick Grasso Is Dangerous

Maurice “Hank” Greenberg

Scott Sullivan

Lawrence Small Linked To Scandal at Fannie Mae

A peek at the perks of the corner office

Special Report: Executive Compensation

Most galling of all perks could be ‘gross-ups’

Oversight by Smithsonian Regents Faulted in Report

Jimmy Cayne

John Devaney and his yachts

Angelo Mozilo

Stan O’Neal: The Rise and Fall of a Numbers Guy

The Jimmy Cayne Takedown

David Roberts: Don Blankenship is an evil bastard

Goldman’s Blankfein collects $68M bonus

Joseph Cassano Retirement from AIG Agreement

Lloyd Blankfein

Wachovia Forces Out Its Chief

Countrywide’s Mozilo exits stage a fallen hero

Ken Lewis

The rise and fall of Jimmy Cayne

WAMU Chief Forced Out

Fuld’s Subprime Bets Fueled Profit, Undermined Lehman

Warrant alleges fraud by Petters

Tom Petters jailed; court papers say he planned to flee the country

How the Thundering Herd Faltered and Fell

Goldman Sachs chief executive Lloyd Blankfein gives up 2008 bonus

On Wall Street, Bonuses, Not Profits, Were Real

Former Merrill CEO Thain resigns from BofA

The rise and fall of Wall Street’s John Thain

Dick Fuld Sold Florida Mansion to His Wife for $10

Ex-Lehman chief Dick Fuld sells mansion to wife for $100


Sandy Weill gives up Citigroup corporate jet

Why Ken Lewis Destroyed Bank Of America

Bear Stearns’ Jimmy Cayne’s Profane Tirade Against Treasury’s Geithner

R. Allen Stanford booted from Forbes annual billionaires list

Sam Waksal Was Right All Along, Just Ask Him

Ruth Madoff’s Dwindling Fortune

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"America does not have an aristocracy or a plutocracy."
Art Pope

Vile Comments

I seriously doubt that if Michaele was indeed a socialite she’d be employed as a
receptionist, department store clerk or makeup artist… Paris Hilton she is not….
These two are posers who don’t pay their bills and are taking this reality/celebrity train
for all its worth…They are both idiots.