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U.S. Senators Profit From Privileged Information

Wall St. Jacks Up Pay After Bailouts

Congress Gets an Upgrade

Air Congress spending $550 million to upgrade their travel comfort to luxury class

House, Senate C-Street members paid below-market rents

Stockbroker turned politician, Rep. James Moran illustrates Congressional conflict of interest

Lawmakers’ committee assignments and industry investments bely conflicts of interest

Tea Party Candidate Ron Johnson Runs For Senate On A Lie

Wealth of Congress Grows Despite Awful Economy

Congressional Tea Party Hypocrites Take $1 Billion in Earmarks

One Last Pork Feast Before Tea Party

Possible cuts in pay and benefits for all federal employees except congress

Congress Members Stock Investments Earn Big From Insider Information

Former Rep. Sen. Judd Gregg Hired By Goldman Sachs

Nancy Pelosi’s wealth grows by 62%

U.S. Companies Fight CEO Pay Disclosure

Bachmann Farm Collected $260,000 In Federal Subsidies

Blagojevich In 20

Michelle Bachmann’s Husband Collected $137,000 From Medicaid

Reflections of a GOP Operative Who Left the Cult

Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. Ties With Blagojevich May Lead To Ethics Charges

Gingrich Threatens Pelosi

SEC Drops Congressional Investigations Fearing Budget Cuts

Our Elected Oligarchy

Richest Members of Congress

Relatives of Congress Reap Tax Dollars for Pet Projects, Groups

Rep. Spencer Bachus Investigated For Insider Trading

Rep. Allen West Angry About His Hummer

Petition: Elections – Not Auctions

Conflicts of Interest Mean Nothing to Congress

Congress Immune From Recession

Congressional Conflicts of Interest

Rick Renzi, Former AZ Congressman, Convicted In Corruption Case

Congressmen Paid Big Money To Vote Against Net Neutrality

Vile Quotes

"America does not have an aristocracy or a plutocracy."
Art Pope

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