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Charles Ponzi

Bernie Ebbers, a 19th century-style tech tycoon?

Bernard John “Bernie” Ebbers

Timothy J. Rigas

John Rigas

Securities and Exchange Commission v. Adelphia Communications Corporation, John J. Rigas, Timothy J.

Ebbers’ high-risk act came crashing down on him

Kenneth Lay

Calisto Tanzi: The family man who milked his own dairy empire

U.S. Senators Profit From Privileged Information

Jeffrey Keith Skilling

SEC Charges Jeffrey K. Skilling Chief Executive Officer With Fraud

EC Charges Scott D. Sullivan, WorldCom’s Former CFO, with Multi-Billion Dollar Financial Fraud

U.S. Charges Ex-WorldCom CEO and CFO

Draft Remarks of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales: Adelphia Victims Press Conference

Maurice “Hank” Greenberg

Adelphia founder sentenced to 15 years

Scott Sullivan

Tom DeLay’s Challenge to Texas Grand Jury Process

Jack Abramoff Pleads Guilty to Charges Involving Corruption, Fraud Conspiracy, and Tax Evasion

Q&A: Jack Abramoff scandal

Tom DeLay has left the building

The Penitent

The Other Jack Abramoff

Conrad Black

Adelphia’s Tim Rigas Got Married Days Before Starting Prison

Joseph Cassano Retirement from AIG Agreement

Parmalat founder Calisto Tanzi stays at home as £11bn fraud trial begins

Lou Pearlman

Boy Band Mogul Lou Pearlman Sentenced to 25 Years in Prison

Pearlman Sentenced: A Mogul’s Fall From Grace

Adelphia Founder’s Charges Upheld

Jack Abramoff sentenced to 48 months

The man blamed for bringing the world’s biggest insurer AIG to the brink of ruin

Italian dairy boss, Calisto Tanzi, gets 10 years

Bernie Madoff’s $50 Billion Ponzi Scheme

R. Allen Stanford

Hecker Girlfriend Charged With Fraud

Stanford denies fraud; gets frisky with interviewer

And the Title for Most Insane Alleged Fraud of 2009 (So Far) Goes To…

FBI Arrests Financier Pang in California

How Bernie did it

Ex-Enron Chief Is Sentenced to 24 Years

Ex-Enron CEO indicted

Insider Trading at the SEC

Rick Scott

SEC trial returns guilty verdict against Charles Conaway, former CEO of Kmart for fraud

Jason P. Unangst

SEC Files Securities Fraud Charges Against Angelo Mozilo

Inside the SEC Case Against Mozilo

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"America does not have an aristocracy or a plutocracy."
Art Pope

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I seriously doubt that if Michaele was indeed a socialite she’d be employed as a
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These two are posers who don’t pay their bills and are taking this reality/celebrity train
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