Vile People

Dishonoring hubris, entitlement, fraud, corruption, and good ‘ol unabashed greed among our most esteemed plutocrats.

Randy ‘Duke’ Cunningham

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In 2006, Cunningham, a Republican congressman from California, was sentenced to eight years and four months in prison after F.B.I. investigators discovered that he had accepted over $2 million in bribes, the largest amount in U.S. Congressional history.

Tom DeLay

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Known as the "Hammer", DeLay helped redefine the "culture of corruption" we all know as Washington D.C.

John Devaney

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Devaney, Chief Executive Officer, United Capital Markets, Inc., was a hedge-fund manager who, along with other hedge-fund managers, bought up mortgage loans which made it profitable for lenders to sell sub-prime loans and then sell them off.  Hedge fund titans were

Jimmy Dimora

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Former Commissioner of Cuyahoga County Ohio who was convicted on 33 of 34 federal racketeering charges on March 16, 2012.

Bernard John “Bernie” Ebbers

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In 2005, Ebbers was convicted of fraud and conspiracy in the largest (to date) accounting scandal in United States history, as a result of WorldCom's false financial reporting, and subsequent US$11-billion loss to investors. He is currently serving a 25-year prison

Mrs Ann Eldridge

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Ms. Ann Eldridge, Atlanta construction supply baroness, made our list last year with an ignominious court battle. She was able to shut down an in-city horse farm by using her vast fortune and political clout to lean on Atlanta city council members. Ms. Eldridge is

Lee Farkas

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Lee Farkas, the former chairman of failed Florida mortgage lender Taylor, Bean & Whitaker Mortgage Corp., was indicted on June 16, 2010, on charges that he engineered a multibillion-dollar fraud.

Richard “Dick” S. Fuld, Jr.

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Known as the "gorilla", Richard Severin Fuld, Jr. was reputed to be the "most feared man" on Wall Street. Fuld is an American banker and executive best known as the final Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc. Fuld had held this

Phil Gramm

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William Philip Gramm (born July 8, 1942, in Fort Benning, Georgia, USA) is a US politician, who has served as a Democratic Congressman (1978–1983), a Republican Congressman (1983–1985) and a Republican Senator from Texas (1985–2002). He was a senior economic

Richard “Dick” Grasso

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Dick Grasso was chairman and chief executive of the New York Stock Exchange from 1995 to 2003.

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"America does not have an aristocracy or a plutocracy."
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