I guess a little explanation is in order...

Prior to the national party nominations in late 2016, I had been growing weary of having the same circular debates with people about inconsequential issues and pointless "what if" discussions about a plethora of idealistic nonsense and candidates that were nothing more than abject fantasies. What they all failed to take into consideration was electoral history.

Sitting on a couch in a friend's living room, beer in hand, I spelled out what would happen over the ensuing eleven months until the election. One of two candidates would win: Cruz or Trump. "NO WAY!" was the response.

And here we are.

As much as I enjoy talking politics, I'd had enough. You can literally write a script for how everything always falls into place in exactly the same way every election cycle. Republicans always vote against their best interests and Democrats never, ever learn, EVER.

I needed another outlet for my frustration. One that didn't involve talking with people and one that would make me smile and, ideally, allow me to utilize my artistic skills. And, maybe, even give people a reason to laugh.

Then Trump went to Scotland.

An Idea Was Born

If there is one unquestionable thing that can be said about the peoples of the UK, they are the most creative wordsmiths on the planet.

The Scots greeted Trump with an explosion of magnificent, colorful insults.


This was the word that launched the idea. I Googled every single nickname for Trump I could find across the internets. By the time I was finished, I'd collected nearly 200 epithets.

Then I thought ...

"Someone should illustrate these nicknames."

Turns out I knew a guy.

Trumpithets are now a reality.