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Get Flogged with Vile-specific news and updates. The purpose of this section is simple: To keep our readers up-to-speed on what is happening behind the scenes, to respond to specific reader-submitted questions and comments, and to provide a space for our occasional blathering. In other words, this section is completely inconsequential, but obliquely necessary.

Posted by Editor on 03/19/12

Contact Form Issues Being Repaired

Vile Readers: We've recently discovered (as a result of a hosting switch) that our general Contact Form has not been sending notifications off the server. We are in the process of correcting the problem.

Posted by Editor on 02/12/12

Vile Interview: Silicon Valley Voice KKUP 91/5 FM

Monday February 13, 2012 - The Vile Plutocrat will be interviewed by Valli Sharpe-Geisler on the radio show Silicon Valley Voice in San Jose, CA on KKUP 91/5 FM.

Posted by Editor on 08/20/11

East Meets West

I finally had the opportunity to personally meet and chat with Michael Cleverly, Vile's Aspen Bureau Chief.

Posted by Editor on 04/27/11

IWearYourShirt.com Takes On Rich Jerks

Our first big promotion to raise awareness of The Vile Plutocrat has kicked off with IWearYourShirt.com. Be sure to check out the videos they created for our big day.

Posted by Editor on 03/05/11

Michael Cleverly Opens Vile’s Aspen Bureau

The Vile Plutocrat is thrilled to announce that Mr. Michael Cleverly has joined the Vile team as our new Aspen Bureau Chief!

Posted by Editor on 10/10/10

Vile comments get overhauled

The Vile Plutocrat's comment engine has been scrapped and replaced with Disqus comments in an effort to improve and encourage reader interaction.

Posted by Editor on 08/09/10

Calling All Advertisers

The Vile Plutocrat is now offering advertising space to anyone with the balls to advertise with us. Seriously.

Posted by Editor on 08/08/10

Celebrate Our Editor’s 40th Birthday with a Guillotee(n)!

Our editor formally becomes a crotchety old man soon and in honor of his reaching the midpoint of his time on this despicable planet we are offering our Guillotee(n) for an amazing 40% Off.

Posted by Editor on 06/29/10

Forced obligations

Updates have fallen behind over the past week due to an unplanned hiatus: Our editor was selected as the thirteenth juror on a case being heard in the Superior Court of Cobb County. The trial lasted for six days, approximately 55 hours, 10 hours each day, 12 witnesses, countless exhibits and six crappy lunches. As if the loss of income wasn't enough, our editor was chosen as the alternate juror and was not allowed to participate in the verdict. Six wasted days.

Needless to say, it seriously

Posted by Editor on 05/09/10

Dear readers, we need your help ...

We've added a handy tell-a-friend form to the site. Please forward our link to anyone and everyone you can think of ... Be annoying. Tell everyone about us. 

Our worldwide readership is growing daily and we would like this project to mature into a viable source of news and information about corruption among the entitled class. 

When you have moment, please do us a huge favor and introduce The Vile Plutocrat to, at least, one person you know. 

Thank you, The Vile Team

Posted by Editor on 03/31/10

Much needed help

We are happy (and relieved) to announce that we have brought in a new Director of Research and Content Aggregation to manage the odious task of keeping the content on The Vile Putocrat fresh and vibrant.

Posted by Editor on 03/31/10

Accepting the Award for Best Blog at SXSW 2010

2010 SXSW Web Awards video from My Location Scouts.

Posted by Editor on 03/26/10

The Vile Plutocrat is a Finalist in the 2010 One Show Interactive Awards!

The One Club today announced the third quarter finalists for One Show Interactive, the industry's most prestigious awards competition celebrating the year's best in digital advertising and new media.

Posted by Editor on 03/23/10

Vive l’alternate language versions

A number of readers have requested that we develop a French language version of The Vile Plutocrat.

As much as I love, love the sound of "L'infâme Ploutocrate",  this is a request that opens a can of worms in terms of logistics and funding for development. I would love to accommodate this request tomorrow, but it's not as simple as crossing my fingers and flipping on Bablefish ... and hoping a benign sentence isn't converted into a phrase that causes an international incident. Out of

Posted by Editor on 03/22/10

Feedback and Feature Requests

I greatly appreciate feedback and welcome feature requests from Vile readers. Here are a couple tips to help facilitate site corrections and problems.

Copy errors happen. If you happen to find a content error, such as a mispelling or a run-on sentence, please submit the page URL and tell us where to look for the error when you submit a support request.  If you simply say, "you mispelled it's" on the "Bank of America" page, we won't have any idea where to look as there are dozens of articles

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