Wear Your Outrage For Less!

The Guillotee(n) The Guillotee(n) The Guillotee(n) The Guillotee(n) The Guillotee(n) The Guillotee(n) The Guillotee(n)

The Guillotee(n)

Wearable populist outrage never looked so elitist! Our Guillotee© will make you look good while you vomit platitudes at oblivious plutocrats. Heck, they won't hear you anyway! To the entitled class, your plebeian voice is nothing more than a high-pitched squeal only dogs can hear. So give them an eyeful instead.

Cost: $  

Color: Chocolate Brown with Tan imprint


A Dreadful Yarn

We love to bash the French for being morally superior, but they did something right after the Bastille was stormed. They took back what had been stolen from them by the lying, thieving, holier-than-thou plutocrats. Our Guillotee© is an hand-drawn homage to simpler days when people got angry at the establishment and had the balls to rise up as a population and punish the elite for their misdeeds. You can buy our wicked tee and state your dissatisfaction in public loud and clear, or you can content yourself with shouting at your television in the privacy of your own home. The decision is yours.

Without resorting to bloodshed, get on your high-horse and let these scoundrels know they aren't any better than you are!  

Our shirt is made from "egyptian cotton" and, while we can't promise it will get you laid, with the assistance of a few shots of Scotch it will make your chest look like the pictures you see in body-building magazines or Victoria's Secret catalogs. You'll look good, real good, wearing our soft, chocolate brown Guillotee©.  That much we promise.  And, if our shirt doesn't make your belly magically disappear, give it to someone less fortunate who will appreciate this marvelous work of wearable outrage — We don't guarantee your money back, just like conservatives don't believe you have a right to the same health care we provide for them. 

Sizing Your Vile Tee

Simply put, our tees are fitted. We belive the term is "athletic cut", but the bottom line is you won't look like you are wearing a tablecloth. If you are unsure about your size, size up. These shirts run a bit small. If you don't care, well, bully for you!

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Drown Your Rage Without Leaving a Ring

Beerthirsty Coasters Beerthirsty Coasters Beerthirsty Coasters Beerthirsty Coasters Beerthirsty Coasters

Beerthirsty Coasters

Our wicked beer coasters will help you increase your intellectual potential without having to apologize for leaving behind a nasty ring on the coffee table (not that a piece of furniture named after a bean doesn't need to get nasty every now and then). Drink up, be social and admire the hand-drawn genius you're using to prevent an inevitable tongue lashing from your anal-retentive better half.

Cost: $ 9.95 / pack of 20 coasters

Color: 2-Color, Double-Sided Print on 80lb Stock


** We're sorry, but we are not able to ship international orders at this time. Please send us a note and we'll gauge interest.

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