The Vile Plutocrat launched in 2009 with the intention of helping average Americans connect the dots between big money and our elected leaders. My hope was simply to raise awareness of how our country was being sold off piece-by-piece by the very people we elected to represent us to a greedy, power-hungry class of parasites.

Initially, The Vile Plutocrat gained a fair amount of traction. The site even won a dozen design awards, including Best Blog at the 2010 SXSW Web Awards. A mirage of excitement occurred shortly after the awards ceremony when the site went viral due to a pre-SXSW Awards interview and subsequent article published on Raw Story. The site crashed as a result of the traffic. People, it seemed, were hungry for the information being provided. That initial excitement wore off quickly. And within months, traffic slowed to a trickle of dedicated readers. Seems people weren't that hungry to know who was screwing them blind.

Nevertheless, I soldiered on. After nearly five years of near-daily content updates and many hundreds of hours of work, my efforts began to wain. The shear scope of this endeavor finally caught up with me. My personal investment of time and resources was substantial ... even for a passion project. I spent eight years and over $100k of my time working on a project that returned nothing. Despite marketing efforts, The Vile Plutocrat never generated a penny from ad revenue or investment or even t-shirt sales.

With zero funds to maintain the site, the code base for The Vile Plutocrat eventually became so archaic that it stopped working on the server, thereby rendering content updates impossible. In short, The Vile Plutocrat broke. Irreparably.

I had a decision to make: Start over and find a way to raise the capital to hire someone to rebuild the entire site (which wasn't remotely realistic) or shift direction.

I chose the latter.


You'll note that one word in the tagline has changed.

Exposing The Excretions Of The Entitled Class

now reads

Illustrating The Excretions Of The Entitled Class

The Vile Plutocrat lives on. My intention moving forward is to get back to my roots. I'm an illustrator. And I will be using this site to showcase my edipolitical cartoons and illustrations.

It's pretty much that simple.

What does this mean?

The intent will be to develop a series product(s) that can potentially help me support my passion and remain politically involved.

If nothing else, I hope you will be entertained enough to momentarily forget the unmitigated shitshow the GOP has foisted on all of us.

Please give The (new) Vile Plutocrat a chance to make you smile. And maybe, if you like what you see, you will consider supporting this project with your wallet. Yes, I'm afraid that time is still money and following your passions requires a whole lot of hours.

And it's almost guaranteed that this new Vile Plutocrat will ruffle feathers just like the initial incarnation.